The overnight train from Beijing to Xian leaves from the Beijing West train station. If you get the 4-person cabin, you can wait in the VIP area behind and to the right of the station convenience store. Sleeping on the train is difficult for some, but can be made easier with the use of earplugs and eye shades. The cabin temperature can be adjusted. Also, there is an outlet (220V) for charging your cell phone or lap top. Bring your own mug and you can make your own coffee or tea with the boiling water available near the wash room. Bring your own towel, wash cloth and toilet paper. Also, hand sanitizer solution is a good idea. Some reports indicate that sleeping on the top bunks is easier. Be sure that your train tickets specify the day that you ask for. Get the return ticket from the train station at Xian as soon as you get off the train. Also, note the car and cot number. Each cabin has four cots starting with 1. So 1-4 are in one cabin, 5-8 in the next cabin and so forth, up to 29-32. The western toilet is near the washroom at the low numbered end and the squat toilet is at the other end of the car. The dining car is car number 9, but it's probably best to have dinner before boarding the train.

Book well in advance, tickets are impossible to get at the last minute!