The St Petersburg Essential Guide is recommended as something you should read if you're planning a trip to the beautiful city of St Petersburg.  It's such a lovely city, that it would be a pity to visit and not avail yourself of all that is on offer (if you have enough time).  The guide that has been created by two residents of the city, is comprehensive and the information contained in it is wide-ranging and extremely helpful to visitors.  Also recommended are apps that are available for this city. A 'must' is the Hermitage app giving comprehensive coverage of the enormous number of exhibits in this wonderful museum.  If you're English speaking there are also apps for the language which are very useful if you're not part of a guided tour.  It is helpful to have both a Berlitz phrase book, and a Russian language app, of which there are many available. However, the best advice to people planning a trip to St Petersburg is to allow enough time - this city deserves it.  Recommended is one full week as an absolute minimum.