Samar island is the third biggest island in the Philippines.  As such, it is rich in geological formations from gigantic caves (still with growing and pure white stalactites and stalagmites), underground rivers, majestic waterfalls, unwavering rock formations and more...Although there are some Nice People Around (or what they call New People's Army - NPA - of the Communist Party of the Philippines) in more remote areas, they are nothing to be afraid of...they do not even look at the people they meet.  They are part of the ecosystem in Samar.  So, they can also be part of adventure...does it sound more thrilling?  and am quite sure - they are not the Abusayaf-type of people...of course, they have their own beliefs and philosophies in life.

But staying in Calicoan Surf Camp, never encountered the NPA.  Calicoan is a secluded island which is more or less secured - where peace and order are in place.