There are many attractions available for visitors to explore while in Davao , which include museums, cathedrals, a crocodile park, a mountain park, beaches and more.

            With the rich cultural heritage, named unity in diversity, the Davao Museum holds chapters of Davao's rich history and displays wide collection of sothern Mindanao antiques and art work which Davao is famed on. Many examples of the art and culture of the Davaoeños, which are the early inhabitants of the Philippines and its neighboring areas.  The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and is closed on Sundays.  There are numerous exhibits, some of which display tribal art, local handicrafts, and paintings.

            The San Pedro Cathedral is the city’s oldest church, and was named after the city’s patron saint.  The church is open to the public most days of the week, and regular service is held every Sunday. Other churches like one in ma-a, a garden church which houses Davao's bountiful flora. Opens everyday.

            The Davao Crocodile Park is the only one of its kind on the island of Mindanao .  The park is open to the public, who are encouraged to participate in feeding the young (only by supervision), and learning about the breeding cycles.  One of the park’s main attractions is the largest crocodile in the Philippines (measuring an amazing 18 feet), who has been named “Pangil”.
            Topping out at 10,311 feet above sea level, Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines .  Climbing to the top will require a minimal of four days.  Various companies in the city offer guided expeditions. 

            For more information about things to see in the city, visit this Davao Attractions page.