Visitors to the city of Davao have a few forms of public transportation available to them, which include jeepneys (the local city buses), taxis, and various other chauffeured, motorcycle-based vehicles. 

            Jeepneys are the buses that make routes around the city of Davao , and are easily identified by their bright colors.  They are cheap, convenient, operate nearly 24 hours a day, and with a total of 82 routes heading in both north and south directions, provide access to most areas of the city.  Timetable and route information can be found at the local tourist information center, or at the city station.   

            Taxis are readily available around the city, and are easily flagged down on the sides of major roads.  They are much more expensive than the jeepneys, but are still fairly cheap when compared to much in the western world.  Both air conditioned, and non-air conditioned units are available, with fares being slightly higher for the former.  Fares can be determined by meters, and also by negotiating.  If the meter is not turned on, make sure to agree on a price before beginning a journey.  Because many drivers do not speak English, it is wise to carry around a map with the desired destination circled.

            Tricycles (motorcycles with passenger seat area) are also available inside villages, where no other transport except private cars and taxis are allowed.

            For information about the various miscellaneous forms of transportation available in the city, check out this Getting Around Davao page.