Visitors to the city of Davao have a few options for getting around, and include by car, taxi, boat, jeepney (the local city buses), and other forms of transportation such as taxied motorbikes. 

            There are numerous rental car agencies around Davao .  This Trip Advisor: Deals page has a list of four major companies renting vehicles in the city.  However, before deciding to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, check out this Driving in the Philippines page. 

            Taxis are readily available around the city, and are easily flagged down.  Although they are cheap when compared to cab prices in other areas of the world, taxis are one of the most expensive forms of transportation available in Davao .  There are two types of taxis available, which are air conditioned, and non-air conditioned.  Fares are slightly higher for the former. 

            Tricycles (motorcycles with passenger seat area) are also available inside villages, where no other transport except private cars and taxis are allowed.

            It is possible to travel by boat out of the Davao port and visit such cities as Manila , Cebu , and Surigao.  Fares range anywhere between 500 and 8000 pesos. 

            The buses that make routes around the city of Davao are called jeepneys.  They are cheap, convenient, operate nearly 24 hours a day, and with a total of 82 routes, provide access to most areas of the city.

            For even more information, check out this Getting Around Davao page.