Eden Nature Park is no longer the Eden that has been known five or six years ago. There have been some major changes and developments to this major attraction in Davao City, that is, if you are a nature lover and wary with the city noise and smoke belchers.

Eden Nature Park offer travelers and campers a wide variety of sights and activities that the whole family can enjoy. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit and that spending one week in this place is not enough.

Immerse yourself and be one with mother nature as its vegetative smell gives you an aural pleasure of traveling through time. There are a number of caged animals around that speaks of a language that says "Welcome Home". Yes, if you are a filipino, you know how it feels to be home.

Eden Nature Park is home to some of the world's most exotic plant and animal species. It is definitely perfect for kids to experience living in the outdoors. You can take your family camping or just plain silly walking up the mountain trail just make sure to bring everything you need such as flashlights, hiking boots or shoes, a hefty amount of water, and insect repellents if you hate mosquitoes.

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