Dining on Taboga Island, Panama
The town has a very small, quaint fishing village, and there are several places to eat out.

Hotel Vereda Tropical Restaurant: menu is ok, quality and consistency varies depending on the chef, price is expensive for Panama. Cleanliness is good. Located at the top of steep stairs. Service is very slow so order soon after getting there.  From $9 and up (approx)

Aquario Restaurant: a local joint, service is good and the food is very tasty. The corvina, chicken, fried rice, and jumbo shrimp are all good. Often they do not have things on the menu such as sandwiches. A local experience, beside the beach. Good prices.

Popeye: another local joint, not always open. Best for a beer or drinks, they serve quick meals such as sandwiches and fries.

Chinese: order beer or drinks.