International travelers will fly into Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City. Major airlines fly into Panama: Iberia (it has a direct flight from Madrid), TACA (Transporte Aereo Centroamericano, Aeromexico, Continental (and local airline COPA), Delta and American Airlines. Panama City is the connecting hub for the Caribbean, North America and South America. Expect to listen in the terminals to the most diverse Spanish accents.

You can fly or drive to David, the capital city of the province of Chiriqui (where Boquete is). It is a six hour drive. If you fly, you will arrive in Enrique Malek airport. Mapiex and Aeroperlas are the two local airlines that service David. It is an hour flight from Panama City.

In David, you can rent a car and drive to Boquete that is 25 miles away, about a 45 minute ride.  When you leave David, take the right and when you arrive at the intersection with the gas station, turn left (follow the signs)