Budget travel deals are hard to come by in Pemba. There is however a camping ground in the south of town, right at the beach, run by an South African Expat, which offers reasonable rates and clean water. It is a little cumbersome to get there, as you will have to find somebody to drop you there or walk all the way. To the best of my knowledge, there is no public transport available so far. They have a nice bar, too many dogs and a decent restaurant.

The walk along the beach - either by road or partly along the beachfront - is quite pleasant, and there are a couple of small restaurants to eat and relax if it gets too hot. Try to flag down a pickup, the camping ground is a meeting place for many foreigners and expats.

It is an Australian that runs the above mentioned place.

There is another budget accommodation that opened recently called Pemba Dive & Bush Camp with lots of  luxury camping space, backpacker and secluded beach.  They have a Backpacker shop with an internet café and sells groceries or medicine with an option to use a communal kitchen or restaurant. They offer free transport in out or the resort up to the main road or to Wimbi beach where Pemba Dive Center is.  They also offer lots of free activities included in the accommodation, like kayaking in the mangroves, archery, mud bath or nature walk.  Hitch hiking is safe or the Tuk Tuk transport is very cheap.