Being on the coast with a mild year round climate, Essaouira has a lot of offer active travelers.  The city's beaches offer many activities including, of course, swimming, in addition to surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and  beach volley ball.  Because of the area's strong winds, however, the most popular beach sport is windsurfing.  Many resorts offer windsurfing equipment to guests and there are several surfing and windsurfing shops located in town that sell everything that one needs for the sport. 

One sort of unusual activity in Essaouira are its guided camel beach tours.  Guests can ride on the backs of tame camels and enjoy the beautiful scenery while a local guide points out the sites.  Some tours even offer camel riding lessons to begin--a good idea for those who have never ridden one.  Many are hotels offer these tours as well as some private companies.  Visit Wilderness Travel's website for more information on camel tours.

Another possibitity is horse-riding - experiencing the Moroccan horses is really something.  There are old traditions for breeding and riding the barb-arab horse in this country, and you can find beautiful and well-trained horses also for beginners. Ranch de Diabat offers rides and tours.

And if that was not enough, now you take Zumba Fitness and Dance at one of the local Gyms. For More information visit