Many of Malaysia's festivals are celebrated in Kauantan as well as throughout the country. Some are indigenous to its heritage, while others, such as the Malaysian Water Festival and the Malaysia International Food Festival, are geared toward tourists. The Ministry of Tourism hosts the Malaysia Water Festival throughout the country in a month-long affair for water sports enthusiasts. Jet-skiers, kayakers, and other waterbabies will enjoy being around during the month of April and may even come home with one of the many prizes awarded. During the Malaysia International Food Festival, held in March, you can sample to your heart's content of Malaysia's (and other country's) delicacies. Don't forget to pack your napkins.

For those more interested in the culture of Malaysia, the Colours of Malaysia showcases Malaysian culture, crafts, and food every May  with parades, dance, and music. The Panang International Dragon Boat Festival, held in June, pits teams from the area against one another in a rolicking, good-natured race to the beat of drums and cheering crowds. This is a fun and memorable activity the whole family will enjoy.

In August, Malaysia celebrates its independence with parades in every major city, and activities all around. 2007 will be its golden anniversary. The Lantern (sometimes called Moon Cake) Festival celebrates victory over Mongol overlords during the Yuan Dynasty in the 14th century. Legend has it that the people were warned of the Mongolians' impending attack through messages hidden in moon cakes, and that lanterns were used at night as signals among the citizens (true or not, its sounds noble). For a Moon Cake recipe, visit here.