Shopping in Kuantan is on the expensive side, but some one-of-a-kind items may be worth it. An example of this is hand-painted batik work, for which Kuantan is known. At Natural Batik Village, near Kuantan's coast, you can purchase batik fabric or clothing, and even take a class in batik design. Batik kits are available, as well as a slew of souvenirs of all kinds.

Kuantan's biggest shopping mall is the Berjaya Kuantan Megamall in the city center, where you will find major brand names and several popular food chains, such as McDonald's and Pizza Hut. Hugo Center is another shopping area. The Giant Department Store in Jalan Gambang has less to offer than the malls, but you may find items there that you will not find in the bigger establishments. Kuantan Parade is another large mall with many offerings. Mydin Wholesale Emporium is a Malaysian franchise where you can buy clothes, personal items, and more.

Fresh seafood (as well as dried) is available in Kuantan everyday due to its proximity to the coast. Food vendors have just about every type of fish and shellfish you could want. Try the fried crackers, or the salted fish. One place to try is Hasil Laut Kiah Kee 3/1359, Batu 8, Jalan Gambang, 25150, Kuantan, Pahang. Tel:609-5384255  Coordinates: 3°46'1"N   103°13'23"E. 

A favorite activity of locals and tourists alike in Kuantan is attending the Night Markets, where the atmosphere is lively and convivial. Clothing, accessories, fruit, salted fish, and many other items will satisfy your shopping urges and give you a fun and unique memory to bring home. Several markets take place on Saturday nights including the Jalan Gambut Market, but there is a night market just about every night of the week somewhere in Kuantan.