Tuba island lies south of the main island of Langkawi.It is definitely off the beaten path.A fifteen minutes boat ride from Kuah jetty will take you there.The island has only a population of about 5,000 inhabitants,predominantly muslims and fishing is the main occupation.It has only one little town consisting of one mini market,two local malay restaurants and three small budget resorts usually used by local tourists from the mainland.It is hard to get by if you have no transport on this island.But there are motorcycles or beat up vans for rental.The island is suitable for a day trip if you like to see the panoramic views of the surrounding islands.One of the best ways  to visit this island is to take on a guided cycling tour operated by Backroad Adventures based on the main island of langkawi.You will definitely not get lost or hungry because a good local lunch is included.You will also get to see the surrounding little islands and secluded beaches for relaxation.There are three bat caves if you are up to it to climb.The people lead a simple life and are friendly.It is also a place to be away from it all if you want to experience what it is like on one of these 99 islands of Langkawi.

Tips- avoid going to this island during the school holidays or any eco tourism event taking place here.The boats ferrying passengers to this island and back to Kuah has no schedules.The boats will transport you if there are enough passengers on board.Never take a late ferry from Tuba back to Kuah, you might end up staying at the jetty for the night.One of the best ways to visit this off beaten path island is to take the Backroad Adventures guided day cycling tour.

Tuba island