As far as temperature is concerned, there is no “Best Time” to visit the island of Langkawi, although precipitation may be a factor. 

            Temperatures remain fairly consistent throughout the year on Langkawi.  The average high temperatures hover around 90 degrees and the lows drop to only the mid 70’s no matter what month it is.  If concerned about the details, on average, the hottest month of the year is February, and the coolest month is October, but these tiny variations will not be felt.

            More important than temperature is precipitation.  The rainy season is from September until mid November, during which time on average, there are about two hours of rain per day.  Note that an hour of this precipitation usually comes during the night time.  Even during rainy season, the mornings are usually filled with sunshine, with the rain coming during overcast afternoons.  The mid-season (neither dry nor rainy) is from mid April until August.  The mornings are again sunny, but the afternoons can be overcast.  The dry season is from mid November until mid April, during which time there is very little rain.  For more information visit Langkawi Weather.

            Tourist seasons match the rainy and dry seasons accordingly.  Prices on the island drop during the low tourist season, which might be a factor is planning a trip. 

              You can find the seven-day weather forecast by the Malaysia Meteorlogical Office and the current up-to-the-moment weather at the Langkawi Int'l Airport on this Langkawi Weather Page .