There is lots of information about Langkawi available online and should be looked at before ever leaving home.

            A great place to begin doing some research is on the Best of Langkawi Website.  On this site there is tons of valuable information for the first time traveler to Malaysia.  Concerning the culture of the island, there are 64 brief but detailed articles about things such as traditions, legends and folklore, cuisine and local rituals.  There are also over 40 articles covering the topic of what to do in Langkawi.  Recommendations include snorkeling and diving, golf, shopping, jungle trekking, and museum exploration.  Because Langkawi is a very nature oriented destination, this site provides a link with more than 40 articles concerning the areas natural surroundings. 

            Another very useful site is the Langkawi Info Page.  This webpage provides useful links for organizing a booking a trip to this beautiful Malaysian island.  With options for booking hotels based on name, location or price, finding optimal lodging for any type of trip has been made easy.  There is also information about getting around, dining recommendations, options for booking tours, as well as links for exploring the many spectacular beaches of the area.

           Website  number 3 is active since 1997. All Langkawi and Malaysia information are published in English and German language.  Tour and Hotel bookings are available and you will receive answers on your questions from people who live on Langkawi island. 

           Website 4 is which is another well established locally based company, packed with great information and also offering an online booking facility.

            For a complete list of foreign embassies located on the mainland of Malaysia, visit Embassies list .