Despite all the hype of cheap car rental in Langkawi, it is really not true. there is no such thing as cheap car rental in langkawi.

Cheap cars are usually unlicensed and uninsured and not permitted to be rented out in langkawi. Many travellers has had bad experience with such vehicles and owners, when in case of an accident the renter can be in alot of trouble.

the cheaper cars are usually more than 10years old, without air cond, broken windscreen, automatic windows that doesnt work, no power steering, and uninsured. those renting uninsured cars are sometimes pulled over by the authorities.

In case of an accident, or a collsion with another vehicle, the renter is supposed to pay for damages to both vehicles, as the car owner will ensure that renters do not get off scot free. even those who have suffered small dents are made to pay large sums of money for repairs.

it is better to stick to car companies that offer licensed rented cars that are permitted and properly insured than to pay a couple of dollars less for a cheaper car that can get you into a lot of trouble.

One tourist recalled a terrible experience when he was cornered by a group of gangsters demanding substantial money for a small dent, that he did not recall having caused it. he was stopped from boarding the plane, if he did not pay. Apparently, these people accept credit cards too and he had to pay before he missed the flight.

Another tourist, found his rented car missing the next morning parked in the hotel. Apparently, the car owner took the car from the hotel in the middle of the night, to be rented out to another customer. After checking with the company as he thought the car was stolen and found out that the car has been taken back the night before, as he had left some belongings in the car, and he was supposed to return the car the same morning, but they took it without his permission.

It is advisable to stick to the licensed car rental car companies if you do not want to get into trouble with those shady illegal car rental touts. the major car rental companies are Mayflower Car Rental, Envomarine Car Rental and Kasina Car Rental are good bets in langkawi that provides trouble free, and licensed car rental.

but what ever it is, always insist on a licensed and permitted car rental and deal with the big companies. it may save you tonnes of trouble, should something unfortunate happens.