Langkawi is an idyllic place to drive around & hiring a car or motorbike is easy & many people do so & have a great time but let’s consider a couple of things.

First of all, a car will provide you with the same amount of protection as if you were driving at home should anything untoward happen & most , if not all, cars have air con so that you remain nice & cool during the heat of the day. Hiring a car can be anywhere between 50 to 120 RMB based on the season.  Not much more to say about hiring a car really except enjoy your travels & watch out for the water buffalo at night.

For those who wish to rent a motorbike then consider this, firstly, some of the crash helmets offered will give you about as much protection as a paper hat so make sure that you go to a reputable hirer & inspect the helmet for any sign of damage. Secondly, there you are, with your partner holding onto you, driving round the island wearing shorts, T shirt or vest & sandals, enjoying the cool breeze & having a great time (not like at home where you wear full leathers & heavy boots). At the end of day one you end up looking like a boiled lobster or worse, & this may or may not ruin the next few days of your holiday or even put you in hospital suffering from sunstroke. Thirdly, if the worst happens & you have an accident, no matter how slowly you are going, the tarmac is going to win in the resulting battle with your skin. Not a good look this will definitely ruin your holiday.

Please be aware of the hazards that you may face when hiring a motorbike & take extra care so that you enjoy your holiday to the full..

Both options are cheaper than taxis and because it's a small island, having your own mode of transport is a great option as you can pit stop several times to enjoy the view of the sea and the beautiful landscape.