In order to get the full scoop on all of the things which are being seen during a stay in Almaty, travelers should spend some time in the local museums.  These museums offer exhibits which provide a full range of information regarding the human and natural history of the area as well as the creative endeavors of people living in Almaty during both past and present times.  Visitors should take some time to go to:

  • Archaeology Museum – This museum uses displays of historical artifacts found during archaeological digs to inform visitors about the history of the ancient people who once lived in the region. 
  • Central State Museum – This history museum offers detailed information about the lives of the people living in Almaty and throughout Kazakhstan , using artifacts to recreate their lives.
  • Fine Arts Museum – This museum has art exhibits from both the past and the modern times artists of the area.  It also offers international exhibits from various European countries.
  • Geological Museum – This is a natural history museum where visitors can learn about the landscape of the earth in the area .Kakzakstan has astonishing mineral riches and this museum gives you a real sense of how important these deposits are internationally
  • Museum of Books – Anyone with a literary interest will enjoy this museum.
  • Museum of Musical Instruments – This museum was built at the beginning of the twentieth century and still stands today to inform guests about the musical culture of the area.There are performances of music for visitors and listening to the dombra evoke wild geese and wind blowing over Steppe grass is unforgettable: