Tokyo is served by two airports: Narita International Airport handles mostly international flights and is located approximately 60 kilometers from Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture.   Haneda Airport, located in Tokyo proper, is the main domestic hub and with the addition of the 4th runway in October 2010, now services a number of international routes. 

How to travel between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station

Narita (NRT)  Airport :

Narita is located in Chiba Prefecture in the city of Narita, which is about 60 kilometers (35 miles) outside Tokyo.  You can take either train, bus, car or taxi transportation to and from Narita and central Tokyo.

If transiting with a several-hour layover, consider taking the bus to the town of Narita (~10 min), which is both charming and the site of the most visited temple in Japan on New Year's. Should you see a kimono-clad lady greeting passers-by outside a restaurant on the main street, be aware that she is the wife of the owner, who is the 11th generation to do so (close to 500 years! Astonishing as that is, the Ryoso Kawaguchi Ryokan on Miyajima Island has been in the family for 20 generations, and serves really good food (only 7 rooms, so make reservations).

Rail Service  (Narita and central Tokyo)

1.  JR Narita Express (NEX)  -  This fairly fast, but expensive, way to travel takes approximately 60 minutes from the airport to Tokyo Station.  All trains go through Tokyo Station, where the train splits in two with one end usually going to Omiya in Saitama Prefecture by way of Shinjuku and Ikebukuro and the other end going to Ofuna in Kanagawa Prefecture by way of Yokohama.   It costs 3140 Yen in total to Tokyo Station while other destinations are slightly higher and it departs every 30 minutes (every 60 minutes during non-peak times).  All seats are reserved.

2.  JR Airport Narita Line (Rapid Service) – This train service is the budget alternative to JR Narita Express.  It takes approximately 85 minutes for the one way trip to Tokyo Station and departs every hour.  It traverses three sections of track, two owned by JR and one private spur owned by the Narita Airport Rapid Railway.   The JR sections traverse the Sobu Line tracks from Narita to Tokyo and the Yokosuka Line tracks from Tokyo to Yokohama and Ofuna in Kanagawa Prefecture.   This line is usually a through (direct, no changes) train during commute hours but requires a transfer during non-peak times between the airport and Tokyo stations.   It connects the airport with Tokyo Station and Yokohama.  It costs 1280 yen and there is no reserved seating.

3.  Keisei Skyliner  -  This all-reserved seat train takes only 36 minutes from the Narita Airport to Tokyo (In other words, 36 minutes to Nippori Station and just a few minutes more to the final stop which is Ueno Station). Keisei Skyliner is now faster than NEX. It costs 2,400 Yen one way in total (1,200 for Keisei basic fare + 1,200 for Skyliner fare (Tokkyu)) and departs approximately every 30 minutes.  Reserved seating is required.

4. Keisei Limited Express - This is the most inexpensive way to travel from Narita Airport to central Tokyo costing 1000 yen and taking approximately 75 minutes.  Departures are approximately every 20 minutes.

Bus Travel :  Generally, the Airport Limousine Buses run more frequently but are more expensive than the Keisei trains, averaging about 3,000 yen.  Also, many bus companies pick up and drop off passengers at major hotels and at selected stops like Tokyo Station or the Tokyo City Air Terminal. They may be a better option than the train if you are going to one of the specific destinations that they serve, but try to avoid rush hours because traffic can cause erratic delay times.  For example, the Keisei Limited Express (a cheaper alternative to the Keisei Skyliner rail service)  departs every 20 minutes and takes around 75 minutes to central Tokyo.  It costs about 1000 Yen. 

Car Rental: You could find different private options like, DotTransfers or Limo Tokyo specialized transportation service in moving communities door to door between the city and the airport or viceversa. Guests can choose the vehicle, time, and locations that best suit their purposes.

By Boat: There are no international ferry services to Tokyo, but domestic long-distance ferries arrive at Ariake Ferry Terminal, located on an artificial island adjacent to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay; the nearest station is Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon. Cruise lines usually dock at Harumi Terminal. 

Taxi service:  Taxis are not recommended for travelers because it is very expensive (it costs about 20,000 Yen one way) and may take longer than rail travel (60-90 minutes to central Tokyo) but usually the same or quicker than using the bus from portal to porta.  A group of three people wishing privacy, usage of cell phones or smoking privileges may find a taxi desirable and cost effective.