The architectural image of contemporary Chernivtsi began its formation two centuries ago, when a wide construction of brick building began. There is a number of places, which attract citizens and the visitors of Chernivtsi: Drama Theatre, Regional Philharmonic Society, Organ and Chamber Music Hall, puppet-theatre, Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy, Museum of Fine Arts, Bukovyna Diaspora Museum, Museum of Folk Architecture and Way of Life, memorial museums of writers, 5 cinemas, 41 libraries, the Central Palace of Culture, 7 night-clubs, 4 music schools, fine arts school and 2 recreational parks with fountains and beautiful sculptures. 

As Chernivtsi was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was closely related to the empire's culture, including architecture. Main architectural styles present within the city include Vienna Secession, Neoclassicism, Cubism, Baroque, late Gothic architecture, Hungarian, Byzantine architecture and fragments of traditional Moldavian. The city is sometimes dubbed Little Vienna, because its architecture is reminiscent of the Austro-Hungarian capital Vienna.

No one can stay indifferent to the beauty of the Western Ukraine (Chernivtsi, Lviv, Kamjanetsk-podils'k Fortress, Khotyn Fortress, Carpathian Mountains)… Mountains and mountain rivers, fresh air, beautiful and amazing cities, small houses in Ukrainian styles, friendly people and tasty Ukrainian meal… You will remember it forever! And it is impossible to describe this region with words. Every person has to visit this place even once in their life time and to enjoy this wonderful trip!

Now it is very easy to travel to Ukraine. You do not need to obtain a visa anymore if you are coming from the following countries: European Union, United States Of America, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The stay without visa is up to 90 days. Before the trip - just to be sure -  however recommend contacting your local Ukrainian consulate.

Things to do before entering Ukraine:
1.Check that your passport is valid also for 3 months after the stay
2.All the necessary tickets and documents are ready also for the return trip
Vaccinations are not necessary when visiting Ukraine.