The Calis Beach Market is towards the back of town about 15 minutes walk from the Water Taxi.  The dolmus between Calis and Fethiye all stop there on a Sunday. As you walk into the market there are a number of food places on the left offering pancakes and fruit juices , very tasty, further into the market you hit the vegetable market which looked delicious. There were also stalls selling turkish delight etc, they offered you tasters of everything but small word of warning, don't taste the tea from the stalls as you don't know where the water comes from (some people were ill!). Also remember Turkish Delight is very heavy and can adversly affect your baggage allowance on the way home! Beyond the food stalls there were clothes, bags, crockery etc. All expecting you to haggle. Probably a good idea to get an idea of prices from the beach front before you launch into a haggle. The market seems to run for most of the day. Toilets in the market cost 1 turkish lira and can be a bit rudimentary, (had a Turkish woman having a full wash down in the sink in the ladies) There are several hotels and restaurants just outside the market if you need to recover. Excellent place for supplies if you are self catering. Great way to spend a few hours.

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