There are twelve major museums in Izmir each of which provides information about the history of Izmir .   More information about that history is available online at .   The twelve museums are:


  1. Agora Open Air Museum – This museum is a favorite of travelers who enjoy street market atmospheres.
  2. Archaeological Museum of Izmir – This museum is home to numerous sculptures created in ancient times.
  3. Ataturk Museum - This museum commemorates Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic.
  4. Birgi Cakiraga Mansion Museum
  5. Cesme Museum is a historical fort and military museum.
  6. Ethnographical Museum – The pride of this museum is its collection of ancient carpets but it also contains numerous other interesting artifacts from the area.
  7. Izmir Museum of History and Art
  8. Museum of Chamber of Commerce is home to political information about the governmental history of Izmir.
  9. Odemis
  10. Pergamon
  11. Selcuk Efes – This museum is home to artifacts found during the construction of the first modern store in Izmir.
  12. Tire Museum – No, this is not a collection of automobile parts.  It is an archaeological and ethnographical museum.