Izmir is a location most frequently visited during the summer, although the temperature can get quite hot during that time of year.  The average high temperature in July is above ninety degrees and the area can get quite humid which makes it feel even hotter.  However, the average low temperature at that time is under seventy degrees.  The drop in temperature in Izmir which happens once the sun goes down each evening make the temperatures feel pleasantly cool.

The heat continues fairly late in to the year.  The average high temperature in Izmir in October is still in the high seventies.  The winter temperatures are mild, averaging just fifty five degrees in the coldest month (January), but winter is the rainy season in Izmir.  Rains begin in November and continue through March with approximately twenty five inches of rain falling during that time.  There is occasionally snow in Izmir, but it is uncommon.  It just usually does not get that cold during that time of year.

In terms of weather, the period right before and right after the rainy season is nicest.   However, in terms of things going on in the area, summer remains the best season.   It is the time when most of the musical, performing arts and sports events take place.   More information about those events is available online at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g29... .