Kusadasi is a coastal city that traditionally caters to European visitors looking to enjoy the beach.  There are many things to do.

1- top of the list has to be Ephesus- a magnificent 8,000 year old ruin that was excavated in recent years.  A must see for an insight into Greco-Roman life and the mother-fertility cult of Artemis/DIana.  Also where Paul preached to the early Christian church.  While in near Ephesus, go to see the home where the Virgin Mary spent her last days, the final days of St John and his basilica, and not to miss seeing the statue of Artemis in the quaint museum in the town of Selcuk.

2- Pammakkule is a 3 hours away and worth the day trip to see beautiful hot springs terraces, another ruin Hieropolis and then an ancient swimming pool to swim in.  Pretty drive East from Pammakkule.

3- Jeep Safari - the Ketchup team.  Take a break from the Ruins and go see the National Park by going up the mountain.  On a fun filled day seeing the volcanic terrain, swimming in a clear, fresh water lagoon called the Zeus Cave and finally having a few moments to chill and relax on Long Beach.

4- Turkish Bath- Hamami.  Quite the experience of a steam, a scrub and then a delightful scrub down in bubbles.  These are public, so take a swim suit. You can often have an oil massage afterward.  Went to two- the first was the Altinsaray HOtel and then also the Holiday Leisure.  The Altinsaray was very thorough, but  found that the one at Holiday Leisure was much more charming.

5- Dilek National Park.  Consider a getaway spending a day at the beach only not the touristy beaches, but more of a remote beach at the Dilek National Park.  Rented a car while at Kusadasi, so enjoyed travelling through the park.  Loved having a simple lunch in one of the outside vendors, and renting a lounge chair for day of relaxation.  Fun wild boars roaming about.




Daisy's Restaurant and Bar off Ladie's Beach is a MUST SEE.

The food is fantastic...  spent literally a week here eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and having drinks.

It really is a fantastic place,  have been to many other bars and restaurants in Kusadasi but nothing compares to here.

Great Staff who would do anything for you, great service, great fun, great food and great entertainment.


Cant wait to come hear again....