Musée de Guellala

    Opened in 2001, this museum is located in the pottery village of Guellala on the southern shores of the island. The displays in the museum are of traditional Jerban life recreated in wax figures. You'll see a traditional olive press operated by a camel, as well as a weaver at work and other scenes of traditional life on the island. This museum is especially recommended for children. Inside the museum there is a gallery with paintings for purchase, or get a scroll with your name in Arabic. From the top of the minaret, you get a lovely view of the surrounding village, which is even more potent at sunset. The museum is set on the top of a hill, amidst a lovely garden. 

    While in Geullala, be sure to visit the pottery stalls, of which there are more than forty in the village. You'll be shown the makings of the "magic camel," the local specialty. Make sure you bargain over prices, and don't pay more than half of the marked price.

    Plan on spending an hour or two at the museum, and maybe another hour in the village. There is a cafe and a restaurant in the village, but not much else. The museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm daily. If you take a cab to Guellala, ask your driver to wait for you. Normally he will be happy to oblige.