Getting around on the island of Djerba is a very simple task.


The best way to get around the island is probably by taxi. They are easily spotted bright yellow cars.  They charge you approx 50p to get in then about 35p per kilometer. 

You can use Allo Taxi service, it's a Radio taxi that you can call on  75 67 60 60

They are readily available in most places, but if you go somewhere where you won't be able to get a taxi back then the driver will tell you (it's a good idea to take this advice).  Another good idea is to carry a little map with you so you can always point to where you want to go as the language barrier can be a slight problem. English being the 4th language on the island, a little French goes a long way.  You can also try and get a driver to give you a tour of the island - this costs about £15 for the day and is well worth it.



Pedal bikes and scooters are available. The island is very flat with very few cars on the road, and since it is reasonably small it is a safe way to enjoy the island. Both these are available to hire in most hotels.

Horse and Carriage

Horse and carriage rides are very reasonable and available from outside most hotels to either Houmt Souk or Midoun. Depending on whereabouts your hotel is on the tourist Zone, these range in price from £10 - £20 and usually incorporate a sit on a camel.

Buggies/Quad Bikes

These are available throughout the tourist zone for tours of between 1- 2 hours giving you a chance to let your hair down and enjoy the sights. Quad bikes are for 1 -2 people and the buggies seat 2-4 people. These cost about £30 for the 2 hours.