Scuba Diving Krabi Thailand

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Scuba diving in Krabi is a must do activity, with many dive centers offering everything from one day dive experiences for the complete novice, up to professional level diver courses.

If you've never tried diving before, you can choose from a range of simple introductory dive courses and experience stress free scuba with friendly and professional dive instructors and if you're with the family, any non divers can experience one of the worlds most unique and beautiful seascapes by joining you on your dive and snorkeling excursion.

If you're already a certified diver, knowledgeable PADI Divemasters are ready to guide you on day trips and liveaboards in the fascinating underwater world of the Andaman Sea, one of the most beautiful destinations for snorkeling and diving in South East Asia.

Highlights include the local dive sites at small islands in Ao nang bay or Phi Phi Marine national park, 3 dive "Superdays" at the King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point Marine Sanctuary and Anemone Reef, cavern diving at the amazing grottos at Ko Ha Yai, and even speedboat trips to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang to dive with Mantas and Whale Sharks.

Dive Sites In Krabi..

Ko Ha Yai Caverns and Lagoon

The Ko Ha Yai Islands are a group of stunning and remote islands situated about a one and a half hour speedboat trip from the Krabi mainland. The dive sites here are exceptional with (nearly) always amazing visibility, fantastic swim throughs, plus the between dives snorkeling is truly outstanding.

Depths range from 3 to 34 metres with an abundance of marine life attracted by the Islands labyrinth of small caves, caverns and crevices. The first dive includes a cavern with two entrances at 5 and 16 metre depths, with a cathedral like interior that stretches 30 metres above the surface. Light filtering in through the water creates a magical atmosphere and since the surface is accessible at any time during the dive even less experienced diver can visit this truly unforgetable site.

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Hin Daeng (Red Rock)

Without doubt one of Thailands best dive sites, Hin daeng is located far to the south of Krabi hi Phi Islands it's long distance from shore means it is only available by speedboat or liveaboard. Divers are drawn to its remote location by the almost constant presence of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, as well as large schools of other pelagic fish and reef sharks.

The Southern side of the pinnacle drops off almost straight down to a depth of over 60 meters making it the deepest wall dive in Thailand. This unusual rock although teeming with smaller sea life, a sparse coating of soft corals and a few sea fans seems almost barren when compared with the rest of the site, but is a good place to hang out for Whale Sharks and Manta sightings.

The Eastern side gently slopes off along two long narrow ridges until they disappear into unreachable depths. By descending along the wall to a depth of 30 meters you are likely to encounter huge schools of Trevallies, Jacks and Tuna sometimes so thick they appear as a solid wall of silver. Large Barracudas sweep past the ridge as they stalk the feeding Needle-Fish and Long Toms. The sheer amount of marine life you find here makes the long journey worth every minute.

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Hin Muang (Purple Rock)

This site is totally submerged and is located just a few hundred meters north of Hin Daeng. The site gains it's name from it's covereing of lush purple soft corals and anemones, compared with the relatively barren rocks of Hin Daeng it's as if you are swimming in an entirely different ocean and not just a short distance away.

The limestone pinnacle stretches more than 200 meters in length and in some places is less than 20 meters in width. The almost vertical walls are carpeted with anemones and colorful sea fans and the numerous little caves, ledges, and rocky outcroppings provide shelter for virtually every underwater creature found in Southeast Asia, and the rich eco system seems to be a magnet for every Manta Ray in the region, with Mantas regularly in groups of 5 or more hanging out here for days.

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Phi Phi Islands Marine National Park

South of Ao Nang are the twin islands of Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don with stunning sites suitable for every level of diver and snorkeler - shallow sheltered bays, soft coral walls and deep reef dives. Living in and around the colorful array of coral gardens, stag horn coral fields and huge sea fans you will find a every type of sea life – masses of schooling fish, turtles grazing on beautiful anemones and on the sandy bottom reclusive leopard sharks can be found resting.

Some of the best sites are “the Bidas” – Bida Nok, Bida Nai and Hin Bida, three sites teeming with life and just a short 45 minutes cruise by speedboat. For novice divers and snorkelers the Phi Phi area is an ideal destination, with superb shallow water coral bays and beaches.

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Local Islands

The closest sites to the Krabi mainland are at the stunning limestone islands in Ao Nang bay. The islands are surrounded by shallow water, fringing coral reefs where diving depths reach 20 meters and visibility is around 8 -10 meters.

A huge variety of juvenile reef fish inhabit the shallow waters found here before moving off to the more dangerous deeper waters further offshore. regular visitors are all types of clownfish, yellowfin barracuda, titan triggerfish and black tip reef sharks. Some of the nicest sites include Ko See, Ko Ha, Ko Taloo, Ko Daeng, Ko Mae Urai and Ko Yawa Sam.

In early 2013 two new dive sites were added to the area with the sinking of two ex Royal Thai Navy LCT's (Landing Craft Tank), close to the Island iof Koh Yawa Sam, at a depth of 22m. These sites are suited for experienced or advnced level divers only, but should prove to be excellent sites as they are colonised by marine life and develop rapidly into artificial coral reefs.

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When To Dive in Krabi..

Although diving is a year round activity in Krabi, the main dive season runs from October to May, with conditions improving steadily through October to December. The best conditions are arguablly January to April, but if you're not a fair weather diver, the low season months can offer some excellent and very uncrowded diving .