The first historic site which Kanchanaburi visitors should stop at to get a sense of the days of the past as they were experienced by the people of the area is the Bridge Over the River Kwai, known alternatively as the Death Bridge.  This bridge was constructed during World War II by area prisoners of war and marks an important era in the history of American invasion in the area.  On the site itself is a military museum education travelers about this history.  Visitors can learn a great deal about cultural sensitivity regarding this issue through a trip to the location.  See for additional information about the area and for details specific to the museum.

For a more creative look at World War II era history in the region, travelers can take a look at the art gallery associated with this museum.  Another museum offering information about the history of the area is the Hellfire Pass Museum .  See for more information.

For a more comprehensive history of the area, travelers should take time to explore the Ban Kao National Museum .  It offers exhibits of prehistoric era artifacts, including jewelry, ceramics and skeletal remains.

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