Travelers frequently opt to rent cars for travel on Praslin Island, but there are a number of important things which they should know about before opting to do so.  The driving conditions, insurance regulations and road rules all differ from major international origin locations (such as the United States and many places in Europe).

The roads on Praslin Island are a mixture of paved roads and dirt roads, although it is increasingly common for the roads to be paved.  Even paved roads are narrow and travel through most of the area requires taking routes which go through steep mountains.  These roads tend to wind and may be dangerous so drivers should be especially careful.

Travelers should be aware that insurance regulations for rental cars are strict, but that rental car companies do not always follow them appropriately.  For this reason, upon renting the car, travelers should make sure that they go over the details of the insurance with the customer service representative at the office.  In fact, it is strongly recommended that cars be reserved prior to the trip and the information gone over with a local legal representative.

Once the car has been obtained and standard safety regulations for driving in the area have been learned, travelers should make sure to also know about the local road rules.  The average speed limit is only twenty five miles per hours, driving takes place on the left hand side of the street, and it is necessary to get an international driver’s license which can be obtained with car rental.

Travelers who do not want to deal with the hassles of car rental at Praslin Island will find that taxis are sufficient for getting around most of the island.  For more about getting around without a car, see .