Praslin Island is a small location which is comprised of a few major areas and a number of small villages.  The main areas where people congregate, in terms of both local residential population and travel stay locations are Baie Sainte Anne port, Grand Anse and Anse Volbert.  Throughout the rest of the island are small villages which travelers may or may not make it a point to see during their stay depending on how interested they are in meeting the local people.

 Anse Volbert is primarily a daytime location with the beaches making up a bulk of the activity there (see for more information).  

Anse Lazio is the place to go but transportation is needed as the road is long and up and down. There is a local bus that stops running before sundown and that's when you want to be there. Amazing sunsets and the beach was rated No. 4 in the world on a Channel 5 (UK) Top 10 beaches in the world. The Seychelles managed to be No. 4 in the top 12 in the world. See

Throughout Praslin Island are small villages which mostly hold pockets of the local population.  Anywhere from one thousand to three thousand people live in each of these small villages.  These are primarily fishing villages, but they do also hold some tourist attractions, particularly in those places which are located on or near the beach.