Taxi service on Mahe Island is expensive. Maybe that's because they can only go so far and then they're all washed up. Literally. Of course, a taxi is going to give your privacy, if that's what you want. Mahe Island taxis are metered, but be sure to settle on the fare before taking off. Also, consider hiring a taxi driver as a personal tour guide. The drivers are personable and usually have wealths of information about the island. Incidently, only Mahe and Praslin Islands are paved.

Mahe island has a good bus system and is a cheap form of transportation on the island. With 26 routes, they'll take you just about anywhere, and at least one bus will be passing your hotel. Some are geared for locals rather than for tourists, though, so check out the routes. They can also be crowded, especially the smaller ones, called  tatas. The flip side of all this is that you'll get a taste of the local flavor by riding alongside locals, and may even find a friend, or at least someone to write home about. There is no bus service on Sundays.

Bicycle rental may be the best idea of all. Mahe Island is only 16 miles in length and riding around the island will get you where you want to go at your own pace. Feet are another option and, in such a place as Mahe, not as obsolete as you may have once thought them to be.

Minimokes (lik a beach buggies) are the most common way of getting around on Mahe Island, and are fun to use. This vehicle was originally developed by the British army in the 1960s as an easily transportable vehicle, though it never took off. The minimoke found a home, however, in places like like Mahe Island. Inter-island ferries are available to transport you from island to island.