Tourism is big business in Lombok and as a result the authorities take crime very seriously. As a result Lombok, as with nearby Bali, it is a generally very safe place to visit. However, you should still be on guard while traveling at night. Avoid unlit streets and try not to travel alone after dark. In fact, while there is no curfew, many locals in the smaller villages tend to head in after the sun goes down.

Watch your possessions while you’re on the go, especially on the crowded buses and while at the beach. Likewise, don’t flash large sums of money and keep a low profile. When exchanging money, or buying items be sure to count the money in front of the moneychanger or clerk, as this is a quick way to trick tourists not familiar with the Indonesian currency.

As Lombok is in a Muslim country you should be prepared to dress appropriately when not on the beach. Women should not travel alone if possible, especially outside of tourist destinations.

When eating local fruit be sure to wash and peel it first, avoid raw vegetables and try and only drink bottled water. And when heading out be sure to wear liberal doses of sunscreen as the local sun can be quite intense.

The nation also has very harsh penalties when it comes to illegal drugs including marijuana and ecstasy. There have been arrests of western tourists in the last few years, and even a small amount of drugs for “personal use” could result in a prison sentence. The best advice is to heed all the local laws and pay attention to the customs.