Gourmet in Bintan

Bintan is has very strong Malay Culture so many excellent foods are there.

Local breakfast Malaysian foods are usually "Lontong, Gado-Gado, and Nasi Lemak". 

"Lontong" is steam rice in leaves to make it firm and hard so it can be cut into pieces then eaten with jackfruits, peanuts and a fish called "ikan biris". 

"Gado-Gado" is steam rice in leaves to make it firm and hard so it can be cut into pieces then eat with peanut sauce and sliced cucumbers.

"Nasi Lemak" is coconut milk steamed rice with peanuts and it is excellent fast food in the morning. Maybe you have been try other countries or places "Nasi Lemak" but you have to try at Bintan, as it is a local specialty.

2. Lunch

Seafood is very cheap in Bintan, especially in non-tourist areas. If you are staying in International Beach Resort area, you will be recommended by resorts to try seafoods in "Kelong Restaurant" because there is only seafood restaurant that is qualified to serve guests with foreign languages.

If you are adventure guest and you are not looking for serving or proper five stars restaurant for lunch or dinner, there is a place to called "Sebong Pereh Village" People are extremely friendly and it is a safe area.

You can order what ever you want and just point it because you cant speak Bahasa Indonesia

TIPs: If you book transfer from Indorent or hotel, driver will settle everything for you!!! Trust him.

Recommendation local seafood: Try ordering the "Gong Gong Sea Shell" with chilies. 

3. Dinner

Local foods for dinner are "Soto, Bakso, Sate and Ayam Bakar".

"Soto" It is extremely tasty noodles with sliced chicken and special chili.

"Bakso" is a special meat ball soup

"Sate" (or satay) is BBQ chicken pieces with peanuts sauce

"Ayam Bakar" is BBQ chicken with sambal belacan for Malay style.

Tips: All those kind of local foods can be found at Tanjung Uban or Tanjung Pinang. It is street food and dont feel strange if you see somebody  eating while sitting on the streetside.