Malang is located in East Java, 90 km south of Surabaya. With its cool climate and great location on the highlands and surrounded by mountains, Malang is very popular as a mountain resort ever since the Dutch occupation in 1767. Malang population in 2006 is around 807,000 comprised of several ethnic groups mainly Javanese, Madura and a small percentage of Arab and Chinese.  

Malang is elevated around 450 m above sea level and surrounded by several mountains in which some of them are still active volcanoes. On the east side of Malang is Mount Bromo and Semeru, both are still active volcanoes with Mount Semeru being the highest mountain in Java. On the northern part of Malang is Mount Arjuno and Welirang. On the western part of Malang is Mount Kawi while on the southern part is the Indian Ocean.