Papandayan is one of many volcano in western Java, located 100 km south east Bandung, precisely located in Garut city. Unlike the Tangkuban perahu  and kawah putih, mountain Papandayan is very active, the last eruption occurred in 2002, and how many years later was closed several times for his activities increased.

Outside the activities, Papandayan is  the most beautiful volcano in west Java. With 2665 m above sea level , the air temperature is very cold there, even at night can reach 5 degree Celsius.

To be able to explore all the beauty of the mountain Papandayan takes 7-8 hour hiking, but if you just walk around the crater takes only 2-3 hours. The peak is not too steep and the air is cool so you will not be tired hiking in Papandayan. To climb the mountain Papandayan needed a local guide because mountain Papandayan is very broad, without it you can get lost.

People usually start the journey in the morning to see the sunrise. Here the sun began to rise at 5 am, sunrise scenery is amazing, if the weather is sunny you can see Mount Merapi and other mountain from here.

 Here you can see many natural wonders such as the lake color whose color changes from green, white and even black. In addition there is also the river that have different colors in a single stream, the upstream color is brown then turns white, red, black and below the color  is clear. At the top of the mountain there is a rare flower called edelweiss which grows only in high mountain, this flower has a unique, after being picked from the tree this flower will not wither for years although they were not given water. During the trip you can also see hot steam and sulfur are issuing from the earth.

papandayan lake