What's the best from Ubud? Too many things to say. Ubud is a wonderful place to shop, and fine dine. In Ubud you can find any good place to shop, along the monkey forest street, dewi sita street until the pasar seni flea markets, shops for paintings, and souvenirs, you can find everything in Ubud. Wear a comfortable shoes, or slippers, it's gonna be fun too be true if your feet support you to shops around there. Bring an extra luggage, or an empty luggage, and shop everything here. 

Monkey Forest and Dewi Sita street sell a lot of clothing, and some of them offer a high end quality garment, accessories and furniture.  Some of the shops also offer wholesale for the big buyer. 

List of shops you must spend around the Monkey Forest and Dewi Sita street:

  • Assal: prêt a porter: Monkey Forest Street, past the football field Phone 62 0361 972376 Owner/ manufacturer Jay Negara offers his own custom lines - Gingersnap is one - for men and women. Medium to low international designer fixed pricing on very chic and wearable natural fabric clothing and accessories for men and women. Better mix of slightly ethnic but design for style conscious person who does not want to look "gone native" at home. High quality materials and execution. Very personal and personable service.
  • Milena: mesh jewelry on Monkey Forest Street, several doors from Pusaka Phone 62 361 971430 info@miilenazu.com Italian designer living in Bali. Show stopping contemporary abstract styling wearable in NY, Paris etc. Interesting materials; very textural and tactile. Moderate designer cost to international equivalent though expensive for Bali.
  • Pusaka : Located at Monkey Forest Street (few meters from lamak restaurant). This store sells a wide variety of Batik from Java island, from the high quality to the medium quality. Very beautiful patterns, some of them are handmade, but a bit expensive. Price range for a silk scarf is 2 million rupiah, and a simple a-line dress cost for around 900 thousands rupiah. but this is probably the best batik store in Ubud. Fixed Price. Price Expensive.
  • PithePilanthropus: Located at Monkey Forest Street. This store is the same owner of Pusaka and offers the same product. Fixed Price. Price Moderate
  • BONG'S: Located at Monkey Forest Street (few walks from the lamak restaurant). One of Parisian Favourite. This is one of a kind store in Ubud, selling a very high quality garments. With a wide range of silks, satins, jerseys dresses, and a python skin bag everything with affordable price. Go and get their python skin handbags, and high end dresses, its to die for!  this place offers the best quality for Python bags. Silk dresses cost from 800 thousands rupiah, bags from 400thousands rupiah. Fixed Price. Price Moderate.
  • ULUWATU: selling balinese Lace. all white and made out of cotton or silk, but the price is on the high side for an embroidered fabric. A mini dress costs from 1 million rupiah. Fixed Price. Price Expensive. 
  • Lila Lane's: Located beside BONG'S. This store sells coconut hand bags and fake suede slippers. Tees from 1 million rupiah, and sandals from 800 thousands rupiah. Price range 600 thousands to 2 millions rupiah. found the same coconut handbags at the flea markets with a much cheaper price. This store also sells  simple dresses and tops, more likely for Beach wear. Fixed Price. Price expensive.
  • La Boheme: Located in Jalan Goutama ( the shop with the white vespa in the front) selling clothing and home decor.  Organic handwoven unique pieces, coton linen and silk, with natural dyes, all made in Bali, designed by a french creator. Fixed price. Price Expensive.

  • Jalan Hanoman street  is a great shopping street for Yoga Clothing. There's the stylish  AR Yoga Clothing and the Bali Spirit stores. Good prices and unique styles. In the same street is also located the unique  Boutique Puriani.
  • BOUTIQUE PURIANI, few meters from Clear Cafe. Has exclusive silk designs and leather accesories,. Reasonable price and outlet space.
  • SKIN: Located at the Monkey Forest Street (opposite PithePilanThropus). Offer all jersey clothing, good for yoga fans, simple cutting, simple color, thin fabrications. Fixed Price. Price Expensive for jersey clothing. 
  • Prathivi: The only store that selling all python leather bags with simple design, the good thing is you can bargain. they dont have fixed price, and higher up the price if they look at you and knew that you are tourist.They dont take credit cards, if you want to pay with credit cards need to pay more expensive, like half of the price. 
  • Leolle: Few walks from Laughing Buddha Bar. Offer furniture, and a small souvenirs. quite expensive but they have a very unique, you can buy their bath buddy or incense sticks for souvenirs, Can Bargain. Price Moderate.
  • Puspita: Opposite BONG'S. This store sells a cheap natural dyed dresses made from the local fabrics. Its good if you want to wear it in Bali only. Fixed Price. Price Cheap.
  • POD: Dewi Sita Street. This store sells a tied around dresses, no zipper, no opening, you need to tie it around your body, its unique, but very hard to wear, and if you forgot how to wear it, then its just a piece of clothes. Can Bargain.  Price Moderate. 
  • Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery on Jalan Dewi Sita is a family run gallery specializing in tribal art from the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea.  Ewa displays masks, statues and adornments of various artistic styles from villages across the Sepik River.  Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery is a must see for anyone who has an interest in tribal art, from collectors to Oceanic Art enthusiasts alike.

  • Retail Therapy. Few walks from POD. This store sells a funky teenager dresses and accessories. Fixed Price.  Price Expensive.

There is a lot of small store in this streets, for these small shops like paintings, rattan souvenirs, home wares, home furnishings, most of them can bargain, bargain for half of the price. Be-careful when they offer you to pay more cheaper, but must pay in cash no credit cards. Some of the sales try to corrupt, the product price is of course cheaper from the real price.

Some of the stores doesn't support credit cards, you can carry some dollars, and exchange it along the street or took ATM. Some of the stores has a very bad connection for the credit cards support, so its still better for you to bring some cash. 




Affordable evening garments, stunning cheap jewellery. One and only in Bali. La Route de la Soie (next to Betelnut Lounge) just a few steps away from Casa Luna and Permata Bank is one place you should seek good bargains for. Be careful to look through all their collection and if you want to look good this evening, be sure to ask for good discount. They are new and willing to give good discounts.


When you're buying painting, make sure bargain 1/3 from the original price. But if you have a driver or going with a tour, don't get paintings from Monkey Forest or Dewi Sita street. Go to Kedonganan area, its the painters village 15 minutes from the monkey forest ubud, its a bit cheaper and totally artistic. 

Gallery I Wayan Karja on Tjampuhan rice field walk up steps near Hotel Tjampuhan on the way to Penestanan Phone 62 361 977 810 ww.karjabali.com wayankarja@gmail.com

Fine abstract painter of international repute, many exhibitions. Beautiful gallery, Both small and very large canvases, oil and acrylic media, in significant numbers available. Rare find anywhere. Also offers teaching experiences.