Located in the tropics near the equator the Indonesian island of Bali is pretty much always hot and humid. This makes Kuta a beach lover’s paradise. Because it is in the tropics you can expect a bit of rain almost anytime but these storms are brief and passing, and just add to the already intense humidity.

April through October is generally the dry season. It is still slightly humid and there are brief rainsqualls but it is light compared to the rainy season that lasts from November until March.

 The rainfall can be so heavy in those months that you may walk knee deep in water at times. For this reason, it is wise to wear rubber or waterproof thongs, crocs, sandals, shoes. Far too hot for a raincoat too so take or buy an umbrella.

The wet season of October to April is generally cloudier, even more humid (if that’s possible) and with a greater chance of even more intense afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Perhaps sunbaking will be limited although it is still hot enough to swim.

The warmest months are in  November through February when temperatures can approach the high 90s and humidity at it's worst.

The peak tourist season is during the summer, but off-season has been picking up alot as well. There is really no wrong time to head to Bali. When it rains it’s a good time to grab a bite to eat or cool off in the air conditioning shopping.

 Unfortunately after the rain, seems to also be when rain washes plastics pollution into the water. The sand on the beach is also dotted with plastics pollution, although looks pretty when you aren't looking up close, and the beach has lovely sunsets.