Lucknow  has been the seat of power in the erstwhile British era. It was earlier known as Avadh. Nawabs ruled the  place for more than five centuries. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was one of the most famous amongst them.

These Nawabs lived life of utter luxury . The whole city was spread with parks and greenery . It is still termed as the city of parks. British Residency too has been converted into a huge monument surrounded by a Garden. In fact it was the Bailley's Guard. Named after the famous British Generel Lord Bailley.

Then there are two famous Imambaras (the abode of Imams) The big Imambara and the Small Imambara. They are marvel in grandeur, exquisite architecture, beautiful pond in midst, and Bhul Bhulaiyan located in Big Imambara.

Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens or the Lucknow Zoo is located in the heart of the city spread over an area of several square kilometres. It accomodates almost all the species of carnivores and herbivores. From Elephants, Giraffe, chimp, Gorilla, monkeys, Lions, tigers, panthers, black cats, bears, hippos, rhino almost all the species of Avis. The Zoo also has an aquarium, a separate place for snakes and a large museum.

Aminabad is one of the oldest and the biggest market of Lucknow. In fact in the olden days it was famous for its two main features. One is Aminabad park and other is, 'zanana' (ladies) park. Aminabad park has now been converted into  a big market. Ladies park still exist. Shades of old grandeur still visible.

Dilkusha Gardens is one of the oldest place where first war of independence was fought. Dilkusha Gardens surrounds the Dilkusha Fort. It is here in the year 1857 that Indian revolutionaries fought the battle with the British regime. Ruins of Dilkusha are still witness to the fight.

Other places worth seeing this beautiful green city are

Roomi Gate

Maqbara of Saadat Ali Khan and his wife.

Newly built massive Ambedkar park.

The Larmartiniere Boys college, established by Frenchman Lord Clod Martin in the year 1850. It is also an exquisite architectural marvel.

Kukrail- jungle safari

Moosa Bagh-a big area with dense forest growth swarming with monkeys.


Tundey Kabab : One and the only: Famous almost worlwide, branches in UAE. KSA. Unmatched quality of kababs(minced meat marinated with selected spices)

Raheem Kucha : From the times of Nawabs, his descendants have been preparing a gravy of Beef bones and meat, which are savoured with kulcha made from sieved flour kneaded with milk and other ingredients, baked in a tandoor of natural fire lit using wood and wood coal. This special dish is called, 'Nahari-Kulcha'.