There are numerous forms of public transportation available within Agra, which include buses, taxis, trains, rickshaws, and tongas. 

            The UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) operates the public bus system within the Uttar Pradesh region , which includes the city of Agra.  Many of the available routes incorporate the major archeological, and cultural sites of the area, including of course the Taj Mahal.  For fare, timetable and route information, visit the site above.

            Taxis are widely available throughout the city area, but are most easily found at major public areas such as the airport, the train station, and the nicer hotels in town.  This can be a comfortable way to get around the city, as some of the taxis are air-conditioned.  Fares are usually not determined by meters, even though some taxis do have them.  Fares are to be negotiated, and should be agreed upon before beginning a trip to avoid problems at the journey’s end.  Many drivers do not speak English, so carrying around a map with the desired destination circles is a good idea.       

            Trains are a good option for getting to major cities and towns outside of Agra.  A good place to find information about fares and available routes is on the Indian Railways website.

            Alternative forms of transportation such as motorized rickshaws , bicycle rickshaws , and tongas are available in the city.   Fares are to be negotiated.