For a nature lover the Jungle Safari Park in Udaipur is basically a walk on the southwest side of Lake Pichola. It is on a distance of 2.5 km from Dhudhtalai area (drive time - 10 minutes). Entry fee is 10 Rupees (same price for Indian or international tourist). You will not find many people at this place but it is very much safe area to visit. 

One of the old auodhis (hunting tower) is within this area. It was built in 18th century and there are some wall paintings that can be seen at this hunting tower. It looks like a small house. However, the top stories of this building have long been ruined along with the history of tower.

You can also find lush green parts of the park with many bamboo trees and bushes. In the evening, there is a chance to see some birds, according to the local Forest Department.  You won't see many tourist here, making this a hidden gem for nature lovers. You can also enjoy the scenic view of Lake Pichola and palace from here.