Leh is the most beautiful and the greatest experiences one can have in a lifetime. Staying at Leh and seeing it from very close quarters it seems that the people of Leh and their very simple and uncomplicated life is very nice and a great change for the city bred with busy lives. If one gets to live there for more than a year, one tends to have a great soft spot for that place. The walks of Leh and their small little markets have all the things one needs. The restaurants are also great. One should try out the Dreamland hotel, Summer Harvest, Budshah Inn, and the new restaurant called Dragon. The best samosas one can get in Leh are from Neha's corner.

Leh is a very interesting place. One can also go sightseeing at some of the most beautiful monasteries and get to see the old palaces and the present palace in which the King stays. The other places out of Leh are Pangong TSO which is close to Tangste. There is a very interesting hill called the Granite Hill. Tangste is very beautiful and picturesque. Another place to visit is the khalsar. To get there you need to cross Khardungla which is the highest point of Leh across. A Hotel one must stay at is Yerabstu. Then one must see the Lamayaru and moonland and a little ahead is Khalste which is in full bloom during the June and July season of apricots and apple. What a very beautiful sight.