Kashmir is 200 years old 

Kashmir is the land of beautiful valleys, high mountains, crystal clear water falls, beautiful landscape & range lands, forests, rivers, beautiful lakes, etc. It is called heaven on earth. Kashmir has 5,000 old history. It was a state of Saints and noble people. The people of different religions were living in peace and harmony. But in 1818, Maharaja Ranjeet Sing attacked the warrior tribe of Poonch ( Suddozai's)  at Mung & Palandri. His army was defeated badly by Suddans. Ranjeet Sing was never defeated in war & he was calling himself the 2nd Alexander the Great, but after this defeat by Suddans he stopped calling himself Alexander.

Then in 1832, Ghulab Sing attacked Poonch again with an army of 600,000 troops against only 60,000 Suddhans Worriors. They slaughtered 35,000 young Suddhans and skinned of 27 Big Elders including Sardar Sabaz Ali Khan & Sardar Malli Khan. 2,700 children & 7,000 women were raped and then murdered. Then, in 1947 the sub-continent was divided on the basis of Two Nation theory ( Hindus & Muslims).

All the 572 States have to decide whether they wanted to join Pakistan or Hindustan. 90% of the population of Jammu & Kashmir were Muslim. Muslim conference on 19 th of July 1947 passed a resolution under the leadership of Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan ( founder of Azad Kashmir) to join Pakistan. But Maharaja Hari Sing and Sheikh Abdullah betrayed the people of Jammu & Kashmir and joined India. The warrior tribe Suddhans defeated Maharaja's army at Thorar, Rawalakot, Bagh, Neela but, Mirpur and chased them up to Sri Nagar.

But the people of Sri Nagar and Sheikh Abdullah betrayed the warriors and let one of the airport of Srinagar free for the Indian Army to land there. India landed it's Army and took the matter to United Nations Security Council. First Indian landed their forces in Kashmir and for their safety he took the matter to UN. UN have passed a resolution that there will be Plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir whether the people want to join Pakistan or India. After 59 years People of Azad Jammu & Kashmir are waiting for that plebiscite. The people of Azad Kasmir fought their war against the Maharajah in 1947-48 and liberated nearly half of the territory of Kashmir while the other part of Kashmiri's started their real struggle in 1989 and are fighting with an army of 800,000 troops and lost more than 90,000 lives of young Kashmiri's.

Still the struggle is going on. But there is a saying: "Hit the iron when it red." The iron was red in 1947-48 but majority of these Kashmiri's did not fight for Independence at the time when iron was red. Now India & Pakistan want to pull out their forces from Kashmir and want to give greater autonomy to the region. Kashmir's, Indians & Pakistani's will share the control of Kashmir.

May be they will divide Kashmir in to five regions with self -governance rule can be applied. This year is very important for Kashmir's. God help them so they unite this time to decide their future because if there is peace between these two Nuclear Rivals India & Pakistan South east Asia will make progress in leaps and bounds.