If you are a party freak willing to dance and chill-out the whole night in the most happening places, Chandigarh is the place for you to be at. For people staying in the city, coordinating everyone's schedule is an easier thing to do here than in mega-cities like Delhi, and distances are almost negligible. Cost wise it is peanuts too compared to the big cities. Nightlife in Chandigarh has come a long way from the past era when people had to be home before late night. Nowadays the scenario of nightlife in Chandigarh is characterized by people staying wide awake way past midnight thronging the nightclubs at least until they shut their doors at 2 in the morning. With the authorities having waved green flag at later deadlines, the city's party animals are out hunting pubs and discs on weekend nights. To quote the nightclub managers and DJs, the new generation of college students and young working class work hard and want to utilize the nights partying harder. Though not as active as that of Bangalore and Pune, owing to the conservative mentality of the small town people, nightlife in Chandigarh is till happening enough for people from surrounding areas to crowd the city.

Two of the favorite chill-out zones in the city are Blues - The Nightclub and Rendezvous Bar and Nightclub. Blues caters especially to the Saturday night fever. For safety measures, liquor is not served inside the discotheques and entry is allowed for 'couples only'. Rowdy behavior is not an issue in the opinion of the manager of the Blues, and security personnel are there to take care of the occasional family scene. The Graffiti Restaurant adjoins the Blues offering novelty dinner and dance which goes well with the Saturday night experience. Another place offering a good experience of nightlife in Chandigarh is the Rendezvous Bar and Nightclub. The AB's dining restaurant and nightclub is spread over 8000 sq. ft. The hottest thing in the property is the Rendezvous Nightclub in the rear, housing a dance floor, lounge area and bar. The jazzy nightclub tempts you with intimate lighting and fabulous music to jump in and groove. The dance floor is adorned with Pinewood, state-of-the-art lights, and lasers, while the passage area captivates you with its rich murals and niche full of candles on the wall. The adjacent restaurant with its chic interiors housing assorted artifacts and images from tie and dye prints of Jaipur to Mughal armory. It offers a sumptuous variety of Punjabi, Mughlai and Kashmiri delicacies along with offering you the warmth of an open-air kitchen. If you interested in Chandigarh tourism, do not miss out on the opportunities of the great nightlife with the fine restaurants, bars, and nightclubs present here.