Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hyderabad.


Home to Veesala Devgudu, the God of Visas, is the Chilkur Balaji Temple near Hyderabad, on the Osman Sagar Lake. The temple is not under Government control and so there are no collection ‘Hundis’ present in the temple, and no special treatment is meted out to even ‘VVIPs’.


Initially built in 1500, due to the innumerable weavers in the Telangana region suffering due to lack of sales, devotees and temple visitors alike now have to observe the dress code- only handloom apparel on weekends. With nearly 75000 visitors during the week and 120000 some on weekends, this move has been successful.

11Circumambulations and devotion within the temple are believed to get rid of all obstacles to do with international travel. Most devotees wish for travel and visa related effects, a result of which Gopala Krishna (the Head Priest) has become famous for the same.

How to Reach

Bus No.288D leaves every 15 minutes from Hyderabad. It takes about half an hour to reach by Car from the city.

Entry Fees/Timings

There are no restrictions on entry to anybody.

Special Instructions

If your wish is granted, you are to go back to complete 108 circumambulations as part of your devotion.