a nut shell is a resort city created out of rockfaces.

There are a string of hotels that line the purpose made area of Taba and one watercentre which is shared amongst the hotels. There is nothing to do there in terms of wining dining and off-resort activities.

All activities are based around lounging on the beach, snorkeling (which is fantastic in these areas) and the remainder are dependent on what your hotel has to offer.

The beaches are man made. The coral is mostly dead. The security in recent times has increased greatly due to recent terrorist threats - if you are keen to visit then you shouldn't let let this put you off.

Taba is ideally situated for anyone who wants to explore this fascinating area.  Jerusalem and Petra are both within reach by coach or taxi, Eilat in Israel is no more than an hour away, and tours to Moses Mountain, where it is believed Moses was given the ten commandments are frequent and inexpensive.  St. Katherines monastery, in the middle of the desert can be combined with a trip to Moses Mountain where most tourists set off late at night, then climb the mountain in the dark and watch the sunrise over the spectacular Sinai desert.  Trips to Dahab, an hour by taxi, will satisfy anyone's shopping needs! 

The biggest draw for the area has to be the sea, where diving is superb, both snorkeling and scuba.  The area is a national park and the coral is protected,  and most of it away from the shore line is very much alive and habitat to all manner of fish, octopus, turtles and the occasional dolphin.  Sometimes there are problems with small jelly fish in June/July.  There is very little land based wildlife, apart from the infrequent bird, sparrow and camel.  Very rarely are scorpions seen and the area is too dry for mosquito problems. 

Other activities that can be booked in your hotel are quad biking into the desert, Jeep safaris into the mountains and canyons, all sorts of water sports (para-sailing etc), camel rides, Bedouin evenings, PADI courses.