The various disco's around Sharm seem to have their night when they are busy. So if you want people it is important to follow the disco's night. The nights at 2012 are:

Monday - Pacha Namma Bay - Russian night. Russian DJ.

Tuesday - Pataya Beach Party - All inclusive in the Nabq area. Mostly British and a good mix of music, mostly commercial house. 

Wednesday - La Dolce Vita Desert Party - Commerical House. Mostly Italians attending, but some Russian and UK guests.

Thursday - Pacha - House Nation - Always full.

Friday - Taj Mahal (previously known as La Dolce Vita) - Located in Hadaba, this is a very Moderna club with big screen and trendy entrance. Commercial house. Mix of guests.

Saturday - Hard Rock Cafe Namma Bay - Mix crown and commerical house mainly.

Sunday - Pacha's Ministry of Sound - R'n'B night.

Hard Rock Cafe Naama and the new one in Nabq are busy most nights for a UK friendly disco. Space is nice, but just full of locals. The best party if really Desert Party on Wednesday night. 

You will be looking to pay on the door at most of these around 120 LE, which is 12 GBP, 15 Euro or 20 USD. Many nights have free girls entry before midnight. If you want to go with someone then see your tour rep or the animation in the hotel as they usually arrange transport etc.

Pacha and Hard Rock can be great on other night, but it's hit and miss. However great if you have a big group and you can get all inclusive or another deal with them.

Other parties in Sharm that can be good sometimes: El Fanar (Hadaba), Little Buddah (Namma Bay), TGI Fridays (Namma Bay), Bus Stop (Nabq).