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Getting to and from Nuweiba


There is an old disused runway located in the south east part of Nuweiba, plus two helipads - one outside the Nuweiba Holiday Village / New Desalination Plant ( not used ), and one at the MFO post at the south east point of Nuweiba. Otherwise one can travel to Nuweiba through the following airports...

Taba Airport ( TCP ) : Located at Naqb, some 85 km north of Nuweiba and 40 km south east of Taba on the Sinai plateau at a height of over 700 metres, this airport is served by charter flights from the UK ( Longwood Holidays on Mondays with flights from Manchester and Gatwick, First Choice from Gatwick and Manchester on Tuesdays ), and occasional charter flights from Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and Russia.

Sharm el Sheikh Airport ( SSH ) : Located 155 km south of Nuweiba and served by a multitude of charter and scheduled flights from all over Europe and the Middle East, as well as domestic flights from Cairo.

Cairo Airport ( CAI ) : 465 km west of Nuweiba and served by many world-wide international flights.


Israel : through the border between Eilat and Taba, 70 km north of Nuweiba.


Nuweiba Port : with half a dozen sailings daily between Aqaba and Nuweiba, using fast car ferries the Princess and the Queen Nefertiti, ( journey time just over 1 hour ), and four large car ferries ( The Pella, The Black Iris, The Shehrazade, The Bridge and the Dodo ) all of which take 3 - 4 hours to make the trip. For full details.... . However, foot passangers are now usually required to take only the fast ferries.

The fares are now US$ 70 one way on the fast ferries and US$ 60 on the slow ferries. There is also a departure tax of LE 50 per person when sailing from Nuweiba Port.

Nuweiba port is located at the southern side of Nuweiba, with a small town around it, which also has the bus station, four banks, three ATMs and the Duty Free Shop. Nuweiba Port is about 5 km south of Nuweiba Town.


East Delta Bus Station - located at Main Street running directly opposite to the entrance of the port.

Telephone : 069 3520 371 or 70.

Daily Buses Timetable from Nuweiba:

06.30 hrs : Dahab - Sharm el Sheikh - Tor - Suez

09.00 hrs : Taba - Cairo

12.00 hrs : Taba

15.00 hrs : Taba - Cairo

16.00 hrs : Dahab - Sharm el Sheikh

Daily Buses Timetable to Nuweiba:

Cairo - Torgamon Bus Station ( Tel 02 2576 2293 ) at 06.00 hrs, 09.30 hrs & 22.15 hrs ( add 30 - 45 mins for Abasseya Bus Station - Tel 02 2342 4753 -  or 45 - 60 mins from Al Mazhar Bus Station - Tel 02 2419 8533 ).

Sharm el Sheikh ( tel 069 3660 660 ) - at 09.00 hrs, 14.30 hrs, 17.00 hrs

Taba ( tel 069 3530 250 ) - at 09.00 hrs and 15.00 hrs ( plus the buses that come from Cairo )

Dahab ( tel 069 3641 808 ) - at 10.30 hrs, 16.00 hrs, 18.30 hrs

St Catherine ( tel 069 3740 250 ) - at 13.00 hrs

Fares: ( for Foreigners in LE )

To / from Sharm el Sheikh : LE 22

To / from Taba or Dahab : LE 16

From St Catherine : LE 21

To Cairo : LE 65 - From Cairo : LE 65 ( daytime ) & LE 75 ( nighttime ).

Visas etc.

Most EU, North American and Australian / New Zealand citizens can buy a visa upon arrival at Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, Taba airports or at Nuweiba Seaport.

The visa costs US$ 15 or the equivalent in other foreign currency, can be purchased from the currency exchange counters located just before the passport control and consists of a large postage-stamp type stamp which one sticks into an empty page of the passport - i.e. no form filling or photos needed. This stamp, which has the price $ 15 clearly written on it, was introduced during the summer of 2007 and replaces the two little stamps that previously were used. This type of tourist visa is valid one month but can be extended for a very small amount at Tor in Sinai or in Cairo. This visa is not easily obtainable at the Eilat - Taba border though it is possible if you have come from Egypt with a full visa into Israel and then need to return the same way back to Cairo for a homeward flight - if that is the case then ask for the visa before you go through the passport control and have your passport stamped, ( there is a sign there ).

Alternatively one can obtain the visa at the Egyptian embassy / consulate located in one's own country, though the fees vary from country to country and forms will have to be filled in and photos produced, ( usually the fees are higher than buying the visa upon arrival ). Usually this visa is valid for three months from the date of entry, ( one month if obtained in Israel ), but also can be extended.

Likewise, one may also obtain a multi-entry visa in advance from one's local Egyptian embassy / consulate allowing unlimited entries into Egypt over a given period.

Important: SINAI ONLY without visa

If one is staying for less than 15 nights in the east part of Sinai, i.e. from Sharm el Sheikh to Taba, including Dahab, St Catherine, Nuweiba, ( and nearby White, Bridge or Coloured Canyons ), one does NOT need a visa. Upon entry at Sharm el Sheikh, Taba Border, Taba Airport or Nuweiba Port, one fills out the disembarkation form and writes on the back the words "SINAI ONLY". This unique feature is a throwback from the Camp David peace treaty.

Taba Tax:

For some strange reason there is a LE 75 tax payable for all foreigners when entering Egypt from Israel. The toll station is located about 500 metres from the border on the main Taba - Nuweiba road.

Banks and Currency

Banks : 

There are four banks located at the Nuweiba Port plus one bank exchange at the Nuweiba Hilton.

Bank Misr - Tel : ( 069 ) 3520 261 - Fax : ( 069 ) 3520 160

Cairo Bank - Tel & Fax : ( 069 ) 3520 281

National Bank of Egypt - Tel : ( 069 ) 3520 287 - Fax : ( 069 ) 3520 288

Bank of Alexandria - Tel & Fax : ( 069 ) 3520 211

The first three of the above banks are located at the beginning of Main Street at Nuweiba Port which is directly opposite the entrance to Nuweiba Port. The Bank of Alexandria is located further down Main Street after the bus station and telephone exchange. The bank exchange at Nuweiba Hilton is operated by Bank Misr.

For Current Exchange Rates in Egypt - 

It is always better to change foreign currency in Egypt - one obtains a far better rate than most European countries.

ATMs :

There are four ATMs - three of them at the Port and located outside the Bank Misr, National Bank of Egypt and Cairo Bank, and the fourth located outside the Bank Misr Bank Exchange at the Nuweiba Hilton. They only dispense in Egyptian pounds, and sometimes are limited to a maximum of LE 3000 or less. They are in Arabic and Engish languages.


Duty Free Shop : 

The Duty Free Shop is located on the Port Main Street between the Bus Station and the Banks. Usually it is opened from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. though may open and close later than those hours or may close for a few hours during the daytime. The time when it almost always is certain to be open is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The items on sale is very limited with only a few different spirits, ( usually whisky, gin and vodka ), local spirits, wines and beers, some cigarettes and some house-hold appliances. The pricing of imported items is in U.S. dollars but at times they will even take local currency but appear to no longer take credit cards.

Foreigners are allowed to buy upto four bottles of imported spirits or wines per person within 48 hours of arrival, so passports need to be taken.  

Pharmacies :

There are two pharmacies located at the Nuweiba Port town area and two in Nuweiba Town. They are usually open from around 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Other Shops :

Can be found at the Nuweiba Port town area, in Nuweiba Town itself, and at Tarabeen. For basic snacks, soft drinks, cigarettes etc the shops outside the Port are better priced, whilst there are a wider selection of tourist souvenirs at Nuweiba Town and at Tarabeen.

Weather :

Current weather live from Nuweiba ! The weather station is located at the African Divers Nuweiba Dive Centre located in the Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Hotel.

Webcam :

Located in the African Divers Nuweiba dive centre with a view over Swisscare beach.

Complaints & Problems

During one's stay in Nuweiba, one may experience various problems, such as delays or bad service with the ferry or bus company, illegal fishing or other environmental malpractices, bad behaviour or service from shops, restaurants, hotels or tour companies etc etc.

Any such incidents should be reported to the authoritoes, ( in addition to taking any action necessary in Egypt ), through the following website :

This will be a great help to prevent such incidents in the future and improve service for other travellers to come.