The city of Hurghada is spread out over twenty-four miles of beach along the Red Sea.  About 45,000 people live in this city, and tourists seem to like it, especially non-U.S. tourists.  Lately U.S. tourists have been discovering its charms too: how can you not like a city that has a georgeous long strip of beach, and as many restaurants, cafes, shops, and as you could possibly want all around the city.  Sometimes it seems like there are as many bars (or Pubs) in Hurghada as a city in England or Ireland.

Papas Bar offers regular live music, karaoke, sports and much more...  By night, the rest of the city comes alive, and numberous tourists fill the various clubs, discos, and restaurants and begin to party.

Opened in August 2013 is South Beach Bar & Restaurant is located in the centre of Sekalla, Hurghada. Offers a variety of dishes, including stone baked pizza's and the bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, beers and wines. Entertainment day and night with live music and DJ's throughout the week. Open daily 10AM - 2AM.

Opened in July 2014 is SubZero Ice Bar is located in the centre of Hurghada and is owened by the team behind South Beach Bar & Restaurant.. Everything iside the bar as you can imagine is made of ice including the glasses you drink from and has a constant tempreture on -5 degrees. Open daily 10AM - 2AM. 

New boat look like disco - Pandora Club Boat - was open in April 2014 in Festival Le Jardin Resort (Al Ahia Road). Place is worth to check because of very unique design and great parties.  There is a restaurant as well so even families can enjoy the lunch on the boat during the day.

There are hundreds of discos, and it would be silly to mention some or all of them here.  All you need to know is that nearly every hotel has its own disco, and so you can hop between Hurghada nightlife spots until you find the one that suits you.  If clubbing and dancing is your thing, your best bet is to ask the locals what the hotest hotspots are!

The best hang out at night before clubbing would be at Bulls which is the social club where everyone meets, there you find locals and tourists. Nice outdoor area with a wide variety of international menu.