Given that Hurghada is a long thin twenty-four mile strip of land along the Red Sea that barely goes out into the desert, you’ll want to get familiar with the public transportation system so that you can travel freely up and down the coast along the Red Sea.

If you don’t mind being forced to watch movies in another language at an unpleasantly high volume, buses are the way to go.  Taking a bus will also make you feel like you are truly roughing it, as most tourists will not take the buses.  Saving money, and feeling cool about yourself?  How can you beat that?

There are special airport buses that take you to and from the Cairo airport.  These buses are very different than the city buses (they are air conditioned and they are quiet).

To get between cities, a train is a good way to travel.  (THERE IS NO TRAIN BETWEEN CAIRO AND hURGHADA) The trains are fast and efficient, but as always, be alert (when the tourists pack the trains, the pickpockets lurk).  If you are arriving and departing from Cairo, you might use the subway.  The subway features a fast, inexpensive, and clean way to travel.  In addition, the first car of every subway train is reserved for women.